Legal Information

This section contains Legal articles divided into subject matter.
Business -- Property -- General.
Also a section for our newsletters which contain a mixture of all three.

The articles of neccessity are abreviated as legal isssues are complex and rarely does one answer fit all possible scenarios.

We hope you find the articles useful and informative but if you have a legal issue to resolve then contact us and we can advise you how the general princples outlined apply to your issue or indeed if they apply at all in your circumstances.

You may need to maximise the screen on opening some of these files to be able to view.

Property Transactions
Vendor Information
a brief guide to selling (1.22mb)
Purchaser Information
a brief guide to buying (1.64mb)
Cross Lease titles
What to watch for (432kb)
Unit Titles
A brief explanation (452kb)
gone-- so what now? (437kb)
Building Contracts
issues to consider (296kb)
Commercial Building Consents
No public use without CCC (332kb)
Business Transactions
Buying an investment property
What to look out for (363kb)
Buying a Business
what to look for (650kb)
Forming a Company
how to and why (790kb)
Sale of Goods on Credit
are your terms of trade up to it? (302kb)
Lease of Business premises
what to look for (750kb)
Pesonal Property Securities Act
priority over your customers liquidators (739kb)
Does my company need to pay me a market salary?
The IRD v Penney & Hooper cases (444kb)
General Legal Information
the need for a Will (275kb)
Enduring Powers of Attorney
Who takes care of things if you become mentally incapable as a result of accident or illness? (397kb)
Family Trusts
notes on family trusts (847kb)